With a vast array of specialized equipment, we can customize each heavy haul, specialized or over-dimenstional shipment to your needs, including multi-state permits, police escorts, pole cars and route surveys. All loads are delivered timely, safely and with the utmost of care. We are hazmat certified with complete, comprehensive training and frequent re-certifications, so both our drivers and trucks are equipped to safely transport your hazardous loads, such as fuel, explosives, coatings and bulk liquid freight. 



We have access to warehouses across the country to safely store your goods, providing both short-term and long-term warehousing needs.


With United Vision's growing fleet of over 2,800 asset trucks, growing base of over 130 truck terminals across the U.S. and more than 40,000 brokered partner carriers, we can safely and timely meet all of your transportation needs. Whether it's full truckloads, LTL shipments, expedited/team drivers, we are committed to on-time pick-up and delivery of your goods. In addition to flatbeds, we also offer hot shots, vans, tankers, intermodal and bulk freight services. Our GPS system provides real time monitoring of our fleet and your goods, and our liability insurance will meet or exceed your requirements.


In association with Compass Marine Logistics, we offer offshore marine vessels to service oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. Additionally, for loads too large to be hauled by truck, we can move them to your destination with the necessary barges and tugs. Again, by serving as your single point of contact, your job will be made much easier and more efficient than otherwise trying to manage a multitude of providers.


pelican logistics grouP, LLC

We have solid experience servicing various steel, oil and gas, nuclear power, construction, equipment, coatings and fuel companies. Our customers benefit from Pelican Logistics Group's relationships, competitive prices, high quality standards and proven track record of superior 24/7/365 single point of contact customer service, all of which can be vouched for by our existing customers.

What We Do

Together with United Vision Logistics and Airways Freight, Pelican Logistics Group has longstanding working relationships with ports, steamship lines and rail carriers to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your rush air freight, freight forwarding or international logistics jobs (Mexico, Canada and world-wide) while acting as your single point of contact, leading to a much simplified process for our customers. We handle all of your import/export bonding requirements and customs clearances.